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Is your slice ruining your golf game?

When you hit a golf shot over and over that leads to high scores and bad contact it’s not fun. 

It’s also not fun when you hit that same bad shot over-and-over for 5, 10, 15 or even 20 years 
and you still can’t fix it.

It can be frustrating to the point where you don’t even want to play golf anymore.

That shouldn’t be the case.

The SLICE FIX TRAINING PROGRAM is the first of its kind golf-training program that fixes a slice – EVERY SINGLE TIME – no matter who is swinging the club. 
Specifically designed by Performance Golf Coach and Golf Influencer Eric Cogorno to model the proven efficacy of training programs in fitness and other sports, Eric Cogorno’s SLICE FIX TRAINING PROGRAM IS your blueprint for success.
Your long-term goal is to stop hitting a slice forever. The SLICE FIX TRAINING PROGRAM breaks that goal down into smaller, achievable short-term goals. 
Every time you successfully complete one of the steps of the SLICE FIX TRAINING PROGRAM, you’ll be passing a milepost on the way to your long-term goal of never hitting a slice again!
By looking back at how you’ve progressed through the program, you’ll have much-needed positive reinforcement along the way.
Most importantly, having this program laid out for you means you will never lose track of what you’re supposed to do next. Fixing your slice is as simple as reading, watching and implementing the program we’ve created just for you.
For a price that wouldn’t even cover one round at a decent course - let alone a private lesson with Eric - you can discover his proven strategy for getting rid of your slice 

The number one problem for people that don’t shoot the golf scores they want to shoot is the slice pattern. Over the past 10 years of helping players cure their slice, I’ve developed a proven, fool-proof,
step-by-step program to get rid of it. This is the first time we’ve packaged our system for the public. 
-Eric Cogorno, PGA

What people on Social Media are saying about Eric Cogorno

“No lie…watching your videos dropped me to the eighties consistently.
     -Carlos Canales

l have been playing this game for 42 years, have watched countless instructional videos, read a few books, and taken a half dozen lessons. The past week, I have been watching tons of your videos. Eric, you are by far the BEST teacher I have ever seen. Dude, your understanding and teaching concepts of this game are phenomenal...If I had millions I would fund your schools worldwide... ”     -Mike Blankenship
“…I was so inconsistent before and had no idea what I was doing wrong. I have had lessons in the past and nobody ever talked about this or explained it the way you did. It just makes sense to me. In just a week of practice, this has improved my score immensely. Thank you! ”   -Hugo Cosioi

So, what's included...

  • You get The SLICE FIX TRAINING PROGRAM book, which takes all of the guessing out of the process. In the book, Eric teaches you the fundamental reason why you struggle with the rightward shot and the exact steps you need to follow to finally fix it for good.

  • You get instant access to 16 companion videos of Eric walking you through the entire program. It’s the exact same way he would guide you through the process if you were together at the range.

  • You also get TWO Bonus Drill videos that will help you fast track your way to better shots.

AND, best of all...

  • You get a PERSONALIZED SWING ASSESSMENT directly from Eric Cogorno! Eric will personally review your swing and help you understand the specific components of the program you should focus on.

You can access THE ENTIRE PROGRAM…from anywhere, and at any time, on your smart-phone or computer, through your Internet connection…even on the range.
It’s just like having Eric Cogorno as your life-long coach and Slice Doctor that you can come back to again and again. 
In a few short range sessions, after following Eric’s advice you’ll feel like you are truly controlling your shots. 
You’ll know exactly why you’re hitting the shots you hit. And, more importantly, you’ll know exactly what you need to do to fix it.

What's included?

Video Icon 18 videos File Icon 1 file


Slice Fix ebook.pdf
86.4 MB
Slice Fix Video 1 -
2 mins
Slice Fix Video 2 - Face
4 mins
Slice Fix Video 3 - Why You
2 mins
Slice Fix Video 4 - The
6 mins
Slice Fix Video 5 - The
3 mins
Slice Fix Video 6 - Top of
5 mins
Slice Fix Video 7 - Downswing and Follow
4 mins
Slice Fix Video 8 - Hitting Balls To The
6 mins
Slice Fix Video 9 - Over The
4 mins
Slice Fix Video 10 - Swing
2 mins
Slice Fix Video 11 - Why You Need
3 mins
Slice Fix Video 12 - Practice Station
5 mins
Slice Fix Video 13 - Practice Station #2 -
2 mins
Slice Fix Video 14 - Practice Station #3 -
3 mins
Slice Fix Video 15 - Why And Where You Need Objects In Your
2 mins
Slice Fix Video 16 - Recap and
3 mins
Slice Fix BONUS VIDEO - 10 to 4
4 mins
Slice Fix BONUS VIDEO - Over Under
3 mins